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All 1st gate Home-Fusion The semplicity of ingredients meets flavors elevation

1st gate Home-Fusion is offering to the welcoming guests a total fusion restaurant in between Italian and Indian vegetarian food, cooked with a fresh vegetables and best ingredients, as made in Italy olive oil, balsamic vinegar, Italian Parmesan cheese, mozzarella, pasta and fresh basil.
So in the food guests could find a fusion concept: the simplicity of ingredients meet flavors elevation, a perfect balance between Italian inspiration and the exotic Indian fascination.

Dine on our terrace overlooking jaisalmer fort with soft lighting and soft music to accompany a fine meal in a relaxed and charming seatting. Varied seating Options such as classic tables a comfy sofa or our traditional Rajasthani Jarokas and Bazot ensure that every meal is a special occasion. Open throughout the day and late into the evening. the 1st Gate bar-lounge offers exotic fruit cocktails. operitifs, snacks happy hours and live music to ensure that your stay in the thar desert is a memorable one.